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I don't believe that depression is a mental illness, I believe that it's a feeling. Just like I don't believe ADHD is an illness, I just believe that some kids are more hyper than others. I think that calling depression a mental illness is like making an excuse for a person to act depressed and possibly commit suicide. Again, I don't mean to offend anyone, it's just my opinion.
We are not talking about how perfect is the diagnostics for illness or if the medical system has no flaws, rather than that, we are talking that you are saying that depression is not a mental illness (or mental imbalance) and so ADHD. I feel the latest is easier to understand why people don't believe on it as many people have used and self diagnostics with it without even knowing what it is, but trust me, there is people who really can't take attention and its really hard to approach them. But depression is real and you don't chose to get depressed, and if you have been on depression then you know that you didn't chose it, neither the thoughts you had in that moment.

And even if you try not to offend people, by saying that depression is a excuse for suicide is actually a really offensive thing to say, as depression is a real imbalance on the chemistry of your brain. It's real, and is not something made by psychiatric, so is not something determined by a "belief", and even so diagnostics can be flawed, it doesn't make depression, as a subject, less serious or real.

Also a feeling is product of the chemistry on your brain. By saying "I don't believe its a illness, but rather a feeling", you are almost saying that feelings have nothing to do with brain chemistry, which is the opposite and as I said, its considered a brain imbalance, as you are not producing the proper balance of chemistry on the brain and provoking this "feeling".