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Thread: Toast's art, Open for commissions

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    Toast's art, Open for commissions

    Name: Tzvety P.
    Type of art: Digital finished pieces, sketches, and lineart. However, I can do a traditional sketch and send it to you if you want. More information under pricing.
    Samples (Some NSFW):
    SPOILER! :

    ^^^ Album cover I did for a band


    $1.00: Forum avatar
    $5.00: Uncolored sketch
    $10.00: Line art or colored doodle
    $20.00->$40.00: Finished piece

    Traditional sketch (which will actually be more of a refined sketch, possibly just with pen and maybe some colors): $20-$25, depending on price of shipping.

    Transactions will be made through Paypal. If you, for whatever reason, can't use Paypal, we can work something out. (like get a steam game for me or something off my amazon wishlist, IDK bro)
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