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Thread: Draw an MT member!

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    Draw an MT member!

    Basically in this thread, you have to draw someone on MT.

    You can take the picture directly from the WYLL thread or that person, or if you want to be drawn, post your picture in this thread (:

    Rules and stuff:
    1. It's recommended that you get permission before you draw the person, but if you really like their face or something then whatever. Just don't be creepy
    2. You can draw in any style! However, you have to try and make sure the features are similar to the person. Otherwise you're not challenging yourself! So if they have a tiny pug nose, or slanted eyes, then you have to find a way to incorporate that into the style.
    3. Before you post a picture of yourself, you have to post a drawing of another person. This will keep this thread from becoming a "DRAW ME!" thread without anyone actually doing the drawing. However, this rule will not apply to the first 3 people to post a pic of themselves, just cuz.
    4. You have to post the photo ref you're using next to the drawing, just because this is a lot more convenient.

    Example (and first post):

    Superdooperphailmachine requested a drawing of him, so I whipped one up. Here's the ref, and then under that is the drawing.

    Notice how it doesn't have to be super refined. It can be, but this is really just a practice thread in hopes that you guys get better at making faces. It's also just fun to do.

    Now that I drew something, I am now able to post my own picture in case someone wants to draw. You can post as many pictures as you want, but tryyyy to keep it under like 3.

    NOW GO!

    EDIT: oh fuck I forgot, you dont have to draw me, heres a link to the WYLL thread:!/page316
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