Welcome to the Artist for Hire section! This area is for those members who would like to earn a little money on the side. Be aware that MangaTutorials.com (and thus, Rio) is not responsible for anything that goes wrong should one person renege on their agreement. As they say: caveat emptor or buyer beware.

1) One thread per member. Like the Artist Alley, please create one thread for your artist portfolio. Feel free to update it at any time regardless of how old your thread is.

2) Artists must display sample images, their prices, and if they're available for hire. A link to an external site is optional. Example structure:

Subject: Title of Your Thread (Open or Not Open for Commission)
Your Name
Site Link (Optional)
Types of art you can do (ex. cg colorings, watercolor, prints, avatars, signatures, colored pencil, mixed media, lineart, sprites, animations, etc)
Samples of your work
Any other detail you want to add
3) Please do not post any ecchi, artwork that promotes violence or hatred, or similar works. If you would like to post tasteful nude art, please make use of the spoiler tag. To use the spoiler tag, just hit the spoiler buttons or type in the coding as follows:

[spoiler][img]url to your nude artwork here.[/img][/spoiler]

If you are a buyer, feel free to post your positive (or negative) feedback on working with the artist. Please refrain from name-calling or anything that may be deemed as inciting a fight.

Should an artist receive too many negative feedback's, I reserve the right to exclude that member from using this area of the site permanently.

MangaTutorials.com and Rio is NOT responsible for any transactions that occur between members in this area whether it is of a monetary, non-monetary, physical goods, digital goods, or other type of good that is agreed upon. All responsibility falls upon the respective members who wish to deal with one another.