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Thread: Newb to the MAX

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    Talking Newb to the MAX

    I'm as newbie as it gets- I have no idea how this site works, I still suck at drawing- just call me UberNewb xD

    I joined hoping to get help drawing, I want to be a GREAT artist one day. I hope you guys can help, I barely even have an individual art style! I'm VERY avid at photoshop- I love making new photomaipulations, but in order for me to get where I want, I need to learn to draw some bit better.

    Anyways, that's really all there is to me, already glad I joined!

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    Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! I'm glad you could join us! This site is pretty easy to work with, but don't get too comfortable because it's going to be changed in August to an easier to maneuver design.

    I'm certain you'll become a better artist being here. Just make a a thread in the critique corner. It's helped me out SO much!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your art!

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    Hello and welcome I wouldn't worry about "individual art style"; you are an individual and you do art, people who do different just to be different are most often just fooling themselves I think.

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    Yo. Listen to wise person above me. Also, you will get better.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Liebe View Post
    I pegged you as a sadist, nyuck nyuck.
    My Story Thread

    If you took the time to read this, you can just call me Al, or Stan.

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    welcome newb! Enjoy your stay

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    Hi UberNewb! Welcome to the site. Just check out the tutorials and if you have any questions, drop by the Drawing, Animation & Tutorials section.

    Like JJ said, the site is going to get an over haul in a couple of days so try to get around here for now but it'll get much better soon!


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