i have made a story, and now am working on a main character. problem is that i cant seem to settle on one design or another.
the story is set in a a whole backwards world setting of sorts and the main character is a gothy/emo slightly psychotic girl. who goes against the illusions pushed upon people to believe the world is good and orderly. i have made multiple choices on everything, from hairstyle to the clothes. i just need help picking a hair style and peices of her outfit. so ill list them here, and if you need to see them ill have them uploaded to my gallery.

the hair is
1. sweeping bangs, with the rest pulled back into a loose "ponytail" sorta thing with a bow.
2.straight bangs and low piggy tails
3.middle of back length hair with a sorta choppy style to it.
4. mid-back length wavy hair with swept bangs

for dress
1.tall collar with buttons.
2. regualr collar with buttons.
3.shoulder straps
4. no collar, and bow.
5. short poofy sleeves
6. poofy sleeves with some kinda....pleated material ending at the wrist.
7. long striped sleeves (no poof)
8. long striped fingerless gloves.
9.should the hem of the dress be all jagged or simple?
10.corset or waist banding?
and lastly boots or maryjanes?

i know the list is alittle long, but id appreciate it greatly if you could help! ^u^