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Thread: Animes that are good

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    ive never seen flcl. i used to watch xxxholic everyday on funimation channel when i was younger. o also as far as gud animus i used to really enjoy mushi-shi, its kinda non-sequitur so u can pick it up almost anywhere in the show, i would just recommend watching the 1st episode so u kno wats goin on

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    Serial Experiments Lain is a badly-animated, low-budget anime with a deliberately confusing storyline. It's also one of the best cyberpunk anime out there. It explores what role religion and faith can have in an age dominated by computers.

    Naoki Urasawa's Monster is 'if Hitchcock did anime'. The entire anime explores the psychology of the main villain, a beautiful, genius 20-year-old serial killer. Johann is cleverer than Light and doesn't rely on magic to kill people: he shoots them.

    Paranoia Agent is another psychological thriller about self-deception and repression. It centres around a series of attacks by an anonymous attackers with a baseball bat, nicknamed "Lil' Slugger".
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    I second Paranoia Agent, loved that mindfuck of a show.
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    Paranoia Agent is really good. Lain is God-tier anime

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    Lately there's Kill la Kill running on Crunchyroll. Might be a debatable series, but so far I think it's awesome :0 But that must be because of my taste in funky action, humor and absurdity.

    edit: Some of the episodes are Kind of laking animation quality while others are just awesome, but thats the way they work huh

    Other anime I thought were really good:

    FLCL, Jojo, Eureka Seven, Tokyo Tribe 2, Gurren Lagann, Gunbuster, Secret of Cerulean Sand, Monster, Mind Game, and of course, Akira and Ghost in the Shell
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    now now shounen crap, thts not very nice


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