Okay before you ask, I'm running through the shonen jump catalog and yu-gi-oh is next.

Overall it was as good as I remember, and some parts were actually better.

-Subverting the 'anger is power' trope was really cool. It's pretty much a given in a shonen story that making a dude angry will make him super powerful, and while YYH starts out like that Yusuke isn't able to untap his potential until he faces the grief and shame of having to watch a friend die and being powerless to stop it. The scene actually almost made me tear up not because of the dialog, or the even the act itself -- just the look in yusuke's face. It's so rare we get to see our shonen heroes absolutely powerless and helpless. When the reverse situation happens during the sensui saga it's not as powerful but still really inspiring.

-Sensui developing dissociative identity disorder to deal with his past traumas was a really interesting idea... except Togashi does nothing with it. You get to see 3 (I think?) of the personalities and only hear about the other ones.

-The ending is a nightmare. Togashi can't write endings. I don't mean specifically the last chapter, because its kind of endearing but how it all just winds down. It reminded me a lot of Hunter x Hunter (obviously) because Togashi kept setting up for these giant scenarios but not following up on them. That being said, I'm glad it did end instead of going on way too long.

-The entire final arc seems really rushed. I have no idea why.

-Togashi will just randomly draw panels with absolutely no context. Like random chibi characters and portraits. I wouldn't go so far as to say it was jarring, but it was just so goddamn animu.

-The evil doctor started a miracle clinic? The dude that killed an entire hospital of people with no remorse? .... okay?

-Higari was too cool. He needed more screen time.

-I think the best part of YYH is how the enemies grow horizontally instead of vertically. While you do have dudes that are just strong for the sake of strong, the sensui arc just sort of shits on the idea with the new territory powers.

-Yusuke dying in order to give his friends the power to beat sensui was awesome... Yusuke coming back to life as a demon. Ehhhhh.


Everyone share your thoughts.