Okay, so I have wanted to make a webcomic that is looser and more kid-friendly then most of my other ideas. So why not make a collaborative one? It's kind of like a role-play, but except with comic strips, and one person works on a chapter. It seems to me like a really fun idea, and I think it would be a good way to promote people in their artwork.

For people who don't know what a role-play is, the thing I'm talking about is when somone starts off the story, and other people work along with that. For example if I posted, "Sandra walked her dog down the street," maybe someone else would post, "then Charlie noticed Sandra and waved hi." The only difference is that it's illustrated and WAY more detailed.

You have to draw the style of manga, or something very similiar.

The idea that I have is called "Fictional Chaos", it is supposed to be a drama/comedy/real-life. Each collaborator will be creating at least three characters; a student, a teacher, and an outside character such as a parent or whatever. The story takes place in an American high school, and focuses on the students lives. I DO NOT WANT THIS TO BE DEGRASSI, TRY TO HELP ME MAKE THIS ORIGINAL! The last thing I want to make is a comic about relentless sex, I'm only thirteen. There can be some breif adult jokes though, just not too adult.

Collabers will either send me their entries through email, create their own account on the hosting site, or use my guest account. Every chapter must have 20-40 pages, and the page size should be 800x600 pixels (you can have up to six panels on each page, each page must be atleast three panels. You can only have one depending on what the panels event is.)

If you like the idea, send me a note or email of a picture w/profile of your characters (a full body view of your character with the text beside it), and I'll start assigning people to your chapters once I think I have enough contributors. If you don't want to be an artist, you can be an editor or you could color for poeple who don't want to.

We also need to make a banner, which will be 468x60 pixels. But we should only do this after we have at least ten students so we can have a cool banner.

Student applications should include; name, gender, authenticity (race), age, grade, favorite subject, some hobbies, orientation, and history.

Teacher applications should include; name, gender, authenticity, age, title (ms, mr.), subject taught, hobbies, orientation, and history.

Other character applications should include; name, gender, authenticity (race), age, some hobbies, orientation, and history.

The site hosting this webcomic is Smack Jeeves.

My username is TheVermilllionFox, and I will make a guest account if you want to upload and not get spammed. The guest account information will be noted to you if you want to participate, or you can make your own. The webcomic will also have it's own email and site provided by Smack Jeeves.

Let's make this work people!