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Thread: [aGoP] Character Sheet Thread

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    Name: Floyojolo of the Wasted Lantern South Wildlands(North Sector)
    -War: 0
    -Dueling: 4
    -Knowledge: 2
    Status: Alone
    Location: Special Place
    Notes: Scholar
    Bio: Wanders around doing tasks for resources. Likes to duel and learn. Good with swords.
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    Name: Culo Pollo the 124th
    -War: 0
    -Dueling: 2
    -Knowledge: 4
    Equipment: ~
    Status: Alone
    Location: Kabu
    Notes: Performer
    SPOILER! :
    Culo was born some other place that he can't remember. At the young age of 5, his mother and him traveled to the kingdom of Kabu, where she left him to the care of a really fat dude named Chinny. Throughout his teen years, others started to take note of his fantastic imitation and acting skills. He decided to make a living off of it. His favorite act is his imitation of the king. His favorite pass time is admiring the Pointy Mountains.


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