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    hmm interesting.
    do you happen to be interested in technical design courses like architecture or industrial design? your attention to detail is commendable, especially in the part of the (assumed) female bot. its nice to see someone envisioning all this in 2d sketches. Usually i meet people who would go directly to 3d applications and work from there... maybe that's a good path for you... although it will take some time to learn, but with your display of technical skills i say that you can pick up really fast. good luck to you. hope to see some more, like what the others have suggested...

    btw, i browsed through your works and this happen to get my attention. its a really cool design. reminds me a lot of the game Persona 4.
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    I don't usually use blocky stuff very much when I draw, so I figured I try it out. For some reason it gives of the vibe of action cartoons from when I was a kid, so I had to slap on some cartoony colour in photoshop. Other than that, it's just pen and marker. Comments and critique is as always very welcome
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    SPOILER! :

    i hope you dont mind me quoting your previous work. i just had the urge to show you

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