So I've finally decided to get off my butt and actually starting to post stuff of my own here so that I can get better too. To begin with it will just be scans of pencil drawings, because I still haven't gotten my replacement stylus (the old one broke. Snapped into two bits actually)

You'll probably not believe me since I've just said that my stylus snapped in two bits above, but I'm very light-handed when I draw, so I had to do some digital tweaking with the scans to make the lines visible. But I didn't care/know enough to make them clean and neat so don't expect anything beautiful, ok.

Alright, let's start this thing off

I draw a lot of ratmen, I didn't write that tutorial here on the site that concerns ratmen though

Random Cartoony werewolf

I've just discovered that they're planning to make movies of the Hyperion Cantos. It's one of my absolute favorite book so I feel the need to draw and paint my version of everything in them before the first movie hits us.

I kinda liked this page, no idea what it is though, late night scribbles.

Any CnC welcome. Really, you can even say "hey, that piece is just boring" or "that one's cool". If you can tell me why you thought so you are even more helpful to me, but actually even just saying if you liked something or not is more helpful to me than if you don't say anything.

Over to you guys