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Thread: The GroupBoard Thread - Status: Working

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    The GroupBoard Thread - Status: Working

    GB Rules:

    1. ERASE your work when you are DONE with it.
    (If you want to show it off you can save it and upload it to your art thread or The Let's Exercise thread)
    File > Save Canvas as > PictureName.png or .psd

    2. Do Not Erase notices will be honored for 1 DAY ONLY (24 hours). Anyone may erase it afterwards.

    3. BRB notices will be honored for 1 HOUR. Anyone may erase it afterwords.

    4. NSFW drawings - please keep it to the lower-right area of the canvas.

    *If you want to see content from the old thread please check Here

    Note: If you are having problems with menacing members erasing work or causing trouble please contact me or Rio asap as I am a GB Admin second to Rio.
    My Skype: moogle-chan

    [Ninja-edit: Also if anyone for some reason can't get a hold of Cloudy, I am an extremely frequent visitor to the GB so feel free to message me after attempting communication with Cloudy.
    My Skype: Linztank
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