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  • Save the elderly person

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  • Save the murderous baby

    1 7.69%
  • Save the kid who will kill your family

    1 7.69%
  • Save the useless and careless mother

    2 15.38%
  • Number five

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Thread: So you gotta make a choice

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    in this scenario, would we have time to fart in everyone's faces tho?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black_Shaggie View Post
    hmmm...well let's see here. Now...

    1- An elderly person whom you know is going to only live for a year.
    Either they've already made peace with the fact that they're close to death, or fear death because they know what fresh hell awaits them so....NOPE.

    2- A baby, but you've seen his/her future, and you know they will commit mass murder/genocide.
    Fuck this kid.

    3- A 14 year old boy who will eventually kill(smash) your family.
    Fuck this lil punk too. If he had pulled his skinny jeans up past his ass cheeks he'd probably be alive.

    4- Your mother who has also disowned you and could care less if you save her or not
    Fuck moms (if she'd ever be that cold). I'd probably already know how she felt in the 1st place. In some tragic way, her dying & me not saving her would be my way of obeying her wishes anyhow.

    5- Fart fart fart fart fart
    Now, indifferent flatunece is the solution to all the world's wrongs but especially for this quandary because the only one who should be saved would be the elder. But that's if you only feel that all life is precious...and in that case you'd may well save your estranged moms, the teen age serial killer & the anti christ too.

    So no. Farts for them all.
    Best I've seen yet, haha.
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