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Thread: Nekopan Digital WIP

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    Nekopan Digital WIP

    Hi, I've stalked this site for a while now, so thought I should finally get around to post something to help me improve..^^

    for starts:
    SPOILER! :

    overall composition, i'm having trouble in lining the details,
    does the composition looks good?
    i use 50:50 portion for foreground : (middleground and background) and multiple point perspective

    SPOILER! :

    Does the shading looks good? i'm having difficulty to make it look cute though since im trying to combine realistic colouring with anime style.

    Other WIP : will work on it after i finish the first one, will draw the clothes later after i fix the anatomy
    (sry abit NSFW)
    SPOILER! :

    Thanks to Alamanac for suggestion ^^
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    It looks good. DeviantArt.
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    These looks amazing so far! The only thing I'd say is that on the first, I think part of the inside of the umbrella would be shaded more from te shadow of the body, but I don't really know because I'm not sure how bright the light source is.

    keep up the great work!!!

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    ah, ok it's still WIP though, i'll work on that part later on thanks!

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    Very nice so far (: I'm liking your composition in both pieces. I don't have much else to say since they're both WIP, do you have any finished pieces?

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    ^the dynamic compo is awesome. Really nothing else to say right now.
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    Those are lovely, I hope to see more soon!

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    Your colouring style is just gorgeous. It really is something to be proud of. I only wish I could offer something in the way of advice. But I will come back to see how things progress and perhaps I can help out then!
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    Nice perspective, very impressive. Do you have a DeviantArt ? I'm curious to see some completed works from you
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    The composition and lineart are very good, but the shading lacks form to my mind. Assuming that (in the first picture) her hair is the part that you're furthest along with, I feel the shading is too soft and its losing its shape.

    Are you colouring with a soft round brush by any chance?

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