For the people who don't check the news:

I've been sitting on this for awhile and debating the pro's and con's and I have made the decision to change the front-end of the site back to the Wordpress version. What does this mean for you?

1. It will be easier to navigate the web site. I have heard that even after over a year with this site layout, people still have a hard time finding things. With the simpler Wordpress version, I hope that it will make navigation and generally finding things easier for you.

2. All sections will remain. The Oekaki, Group Board, forum, tutorials, and yes, even the videos and a gallery will be there when it is changed over. You will have to re-upload your pictures to the gallery but the upload process should be as easy as it is now.

3. All users will remain. You will not have to re-register a new account. You will be able to log in using your username and your current password.

4. There will a a better PM system. Right now, there is a restriction occurring where you can't send a PM to another member unless you are in his or her Friend List. With the new PM system, there will be no such restriction... well, unless you're on their Foe List of course. Did I mention that you will automatically see how many messages you have and you can get a pop-up when you get a message? Yes, you get those too! I'll also make sure you will have more PMs to keep and send than right now.

5. More content every day! One of the things holding me back from posting new content is the current archaic posting ability. When the change-over occurs, something new will be posted every day from the Inspiration of the Day, manga and anime-related news, Book Reviews, and tutorials - yes, tutorials! I would also like to work on making tutorials downloadable again.

So, when will the change over take place? August 1, 2012.

Please make sure you save any pictures or content you would like to keep by July 31st. Sometime in August 1 EST, I will make the switch. At that time, the forum will remain up as will the Oekaki and the Group Board. To log into the site, you will have to go to the forum. The Oekaki and Group Board have their own separate logging system, so please use those respectively.

If you have any questions, let me know! In the meantime, enjoy the current Manga Tutorials and I'll post more news as we get closer to August.
Posted June 13, 2012 right here.