I have a new blog where I post short fantasy stories every day. I don't know if I made a huge mistake by using matthewdellar.com instead of something that better suggests the topic, like something with "fantasy" in the name.

From Google, I learned:
1. If it's a personal blog where you spill your thoughts, you can use your name.
2. If you intend to monetize, in general, don't use your name.

I don't know which of those two the blog is for. I intend to sell books in the future, but the short stories I post are completely free.

Writer's Digest holds that writers should register their names as domain names as soon as possible, so I did that. Only then did I learn that there was another side to that advice. So what do I do? I don't have a big enough following to be hurt if I switched domains, and I have the money to do so, but I don't want to switch if possible because I've heard that having your name attached to a blog can help you get published.


This may be the wrong site for the question. I'm not active on any others, though, nor do I know any writers in real life to contact for advice. Google isn't helping either.