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Thread: Violin, nice to meet you

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    Red face Violin, nice to meet you

    I've being reading the tutorials and also doing some posts here but I think I never introduced myself so here I go:

    My real name is Violin
    I'm a 23 (almost 24) guy from Bulgaria, Europe.
    I just came to the USA (6 months ago).

    I'm working as a software developer, but I'm a graduated Electronics Engineer and also develope small electronic devices.

    I want to learn to draw as it's kind of boring to do the same thing at work and at home.

    So nice to meet to you all

    PS: I don't know where the forum avatar came from. Probably it's the default one, but I see noone else using it. I like it so I haven't changed it.

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    That's right... you never did do an intro did you? Well, I welcome you to the site formally Violin! C:

    Re: avatar>>
    I think there was a syncing problem when the usernames and avatars where imported from the main site and you got L (name of your avatar).

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    Hey, welcome! So you know codes and all. I can't even html...much less program. Good for you!

    Well, see ya around.
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    Hi, Violin..

    It's excellent to work as software developer while you studied Electronic Engineering *thumbs up*

    Quote Originally Posted by Violin
    I want to learn to draw as it's kind of boring to do the same thing at work and at home.
    Same here, that's why I'm active here more than in coding forums XD
    I've seen your gallery. The guys have done a good job in giving comments. I'll give mine soon ^^


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