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Thread: Crustacean Master Race

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    Sorry for the late reply, haven't really been around MT lately.

    @Demon; Thanks man. The whole creepy-cute thing is pretty much my shtick, yeah. :3

    @Seefy; I'd say it was part of some cunning plan, but really I just grunge my way through everything, ha. Cheers for the compliments. :o

    @JJJ; Thanks! If there is a mad-max style apocalypse, at least I can get a job as a fashion designer. ;I

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    Haven't had the internet for ages, so decided to dig up one of my old blogs, and ditch all the exile art on that. Have a gander HERE, if you want. :>

    It's mostly poonanny like dis;

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    I like the last mecha.
    And I still love that Drowlass.

    Hell, I loves all of thems.

    Lobsters live 4eva.

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    I like the concept of a treaded/wheeled mech

    reminds me of min-scale Lego mechs.

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    I like them all, but that first mecha is especially awesome! Great detailing!!
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