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Thread: War Of Two: The Prequel - Ideas and Thoughts

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    Exclamation War Of Two: The Prequel - Ideas and Thoughts

    I was just wondering maybe some ideas on continuing this.

    This is for an animation ill be doing next year,though right now Im doing a prequel.

    Now to understand why this story is happening I want to give a short synopsis of the prequel (Animating Now and will take 3 months to complete)

    Prequel synopsis(For those of you familiar with Minecraft you should know the names of the characters,if not then Ill make it so all people may understand):

    So way back when,lets say 5,000 years ago,when their were sacred Indian tribes and primitive objects,came a day in history that changed everything.One day a Villager Librarian heads out of his village, after seeing a light arise over the lake that their village is close to. He walks to it noticing that it wasn't just a light,it was an egg. So he takes the floating egg to the head off the village,the Villager Preist. He walks through the village to see that the Priest has been waiting for him,with two sides of Farmer Villagers and the Priest Villager waiting to see what the Librarian has found.After receiving this egg,the Priest then leaves with a special group of villagers to a sacred alter in another Villager City,which is connected to their home village through a tunnel. They go unto the alter,now with others of this special villager type,and put the egg on the alter and start chanting while the Preist does a sort of magic to release whatever it is from the egg. After a couple minutes of doing so,a light shines from the beacon of the alter,the egg flies up with it,and "hatches".

    A man is born from it and he falls back down the hole to the alter and lands upon the alter. The villagers all bow down to him,they name him Herobrine. The Priest takes herobrine in to try and teach him the ways of their land and how to speak with nature. The Preist teaches Herobrine how to farm and how to speak with the various animals along the perimeter of their village. After a month after teaching Herobrine about such things,a villager lets Herobrine that the Priest is dying. On his deathbed, the Priest gives his last words to Herobrine,but the words can not be heard. Herobrine starts to change,as a black shroud clouds him. The ground starts to shake and Herobrine sets the village on fire and leaves as he cannot take the Priest's death lightly. Other Priests from the surrounding villages hear of Herobrines doing and summon a portal to the dimension of Demons,the nether. They then push him into it with magic, and by doing so, another is born inside the nether. This "herobrine" is different,as his eyes were normal looking and he wasn't angry,he was the opposite.In the nether, this man explores around trying to understand where he is and by doing this he spends a whole year fighting beasts and slaying White demons,until he finds a portal. He starts to make his way into the portal until he meets his opposite,herobrine. Herobrine and Steve then have a short fight as Herobrine tries to guard the portal. The man then smartly reflects an attack and jumps into the portal,something that Herobrine couldn't do,and the portal closes.

    Now in the real world,villagers hold this man hostage,thinking he is Herobrine,but noticing he isn't,they give him a chance. The villagers gave him the name "Steve". Steve spends a great deal of time helping the villagers for about 100 years and repaying them for his other half's wrong doing. He then sets off for a journey,based off a legend from the Elders of the many villages, to explore the outside land,outside the villages.This legend states that,by getting sacred pearls of the black beast(endermen) and by combining that with the rods of the mystical blazes,which Steve had from his journeys in the Nether, he can find a portal to a new world. As he collects the pearls of the black beasts(endermen) he starts to combine the two ( Blaze Rods and EnderPearls) and create EnderEyes. These are what he uses to find this mysterious portal. The Eyes take him to a cave in which was built and was old and moss covered. As he follows this cave he finds a library in which has a mystical table,he then sets his sword inside and letters start coming from the books and his sword then starts to glow. He then keeps following the path,to see a room further down,that is glowing. He finds the room of the portal(End Portal) but cant see anything. He then notices that he had to set ender eyes on the unfinished parts and suddenly the portal opens.

    He jumps into the portal and notices its dark,and there are nothing but BlackBeasts(Endermen) so he puts pumpkin on his head,knowing from his ventures that The Black Beasts cannot smell you if you have one on you. Steve then looks up after hearing a roar from the sky,and he sees a dragon. Steve then runs and notices alters upon quite a few Obsidian towers. He uses a bow to take out each tower while watching for the dragon. After all towers have been shot,the dragon gets furious and attacks Steve. Steve is launched out of the world and all hope is lost but he remembers he still has a few enderpearls. So he throws one,and attacks the dragon with his mystical sword,and after a few hits the dragon in done for and explodes into a million different pieces along with orbs of light (Exp.) along with the saying "Make A Wish". He sees that there is a way out through the portal that has just opened,and as he is about to leave he notices a dragon egg above him. The saying "Make a wish" comes back into mind and makes a wish. He wishes for a female counter part. The egg explodes and there is his wish,as a female comes from the tower and jumps in with him. Steve and the woman,named Eve now lived out most of their lives,and old and gray, start to build city,a city just for their children. On its completion they die.

    The story below takes place between the time that they Steve and Eve live out there lives. I wanna give those two a life span of about 900 years,and so thatd mean that the story below can be possible as Steve and Eve repopulate and as those descendants travel and stuff they build empires of their own etc. So this story goes from Past-> Present and Future(Steve dies).

    And a concept Ive had about obsidian,is that,its very rare now (future) and the portal that once sealed Herobrine was "lost" and terraformed over etc,as people started to cultivate the land,etc.

    Story continuation -

    So after reading that story summary above for the Prequel,and reading the Story for the Two brothers(War Of Two) then I encourage critiques,flaws,and even some ideas on how to continue and make this more interesting,as I will not be animating this until next year so that gives me a lot of room to correct and fill gaps in

    P.S (although its not anime,its still a good story,that could be turned into manga/anime if someone wanted to,so yeah,lol)
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    - Update -

    I know its not anime,but i mean a story is a story right? Is no one gonna help/suggest/ask anything :L

    *tear* lol
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    pls stahp being idea guy, kthnx

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    No joke, bro, stop coming up with ideas. You're cluttering up the Manga Works. Quit brainstorming, and make something happen. The first step is picking something and sticking to it. Keep at it until you've seen it through, then you can move on to something else. That brings me to my next point: Start small. Even if you have a great idea, if you make it too big you'll be stuck with it for too long, and you may start to begrudge yourself or the project. Begin with a more manageable project - that way, you're more likely to score highly with an audience, and you'll get a better feel for your art. The next thread you submit had better have actual substance and a product to show for it.

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    its totally fine to just post ideas for stuff

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    I think just posting ideas is kind of a waste of time and tend to agree with the consensus, but at the same time there's not much going on in this sub-forum at the moment and - let's be honest - even the stuff that gets art an pages tends to fizzle out quickly because MT Projects tend to have the staying power of Goon Projects. So unless the forum starts getting cluttered with low-content idea posts, I'll allow it.

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