Hello everyone

ok so im going to post some of the drawing ive done now i warn you in advanced i havent been doing this long, did about 3 drawings in the year 2008 and since then i did nothing until this year, im just getting back into the swing of it and considering to use a table by christmas.2007 first drawing.jpg This is the first drawing i done in 2008 none of this is ow as im just now moving out of the look at a picture and draw it stage ( not sure on the word but you know what i mean) (i hope lol).2007 second drawing.jpg This is drawing number 2.

2007 final drawing.jpg and this is the final drawing of 2008, after that i stopped for 5 years, had studying and was more into playing my guitar back then.

Now moving on to 2013, This year i just got into Manga ( i know shocking) and ive just started watching Naruto,Bleach and Death Note ( so no spoilers please ) so i decided to draw them, 2013 first drawing.jpg after this i decided to do my first attempt at using colours, heres the finished result 2013 first drawing finished.jpg, now thats Naruto drawings out the way, on to death note which ill do in the next post as it seems ive reached the limit :P