Greetings all,

Imma keep this short

I am an animator,artist,writer,producer,and a video editor,I am very talented when it comes to anything media related.I am an animator at heart,but I write stories also,stories and ideas with a lot of passion and creativity.

Though,even so, as talented as I am with knowing how to do these things,I am not proficient in any of them.

I am decent,maybe amateurish in all of them,except animation.Though,I have motivation to try and strengthen all of these areas and so,with my second passion,writing,I decided to write a story.

This story is about a girl named Hanako.Hanako wakes up in a hospital with no memory of anything that has happened,not even her name for the most part. As she takes a few days to recover,,the doctor who is caring for her,Doctor Robec, takes her in finding out she has no family. As the days unfold,Hanako soon remembers her dark past and recalls memories that will change her world forever.

If your interested in this story,please check out the first chapter here:

I am looking for an artist,but not any artist.I am looking for someone who likes the story and sees potential in it to be able to draw out the chapter for me,providing I show them maybe what I see the characters looking like,etc. I want someone who likes to draw,but is also good at drawing,as I am looking for something less cartoony and more towards realistic,but it doesn't have to be too realistic,lol.

Whether you wish to post here,or E-mail me,or even hit me a msg through my Deviantart is fine.