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Thread: Havana's Critique Collection: Flats

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    Lightbulb Havana's Critique Collection: Flats

    Drew this today, tried a different style then usual so I could make Noodle look more like herself.

    Noodle Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett

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    Looks good Havana the hands and fingers are definitely the area that is requiring work however, just sit down and take pictures of your hands or use stock photos and draw them out until you can draw them like a boss, it will take a lot of practice but it really helps, i've been working on hands for ages and I still suck at them but they are much better than they were before I started the study other than that it looks great there is something about the legs though... i'm not sure what it is though :/

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    I think the thing with the legs is that they don't look like their connected to the body. This could be caused by me re-drawing the lines from the skirt after messing up on them the first time.

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    I hate to be the one to say this, but you already have a thread. The rule is only one thread per person.

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