I've never used a Surface, don't plan on it. That being said, my opinion and trust still lies in Wacom-- now don't get me wrong, they -are- incredibly overpriced, especially the Cintiq, but I don't see the point in being able to draw on a screen anyway other than novelty when I can easily buy what I've come accustomed to working with, which is just their tablet-to-screen line; the Intuos and Bamboos.

I'm also a fan of simply doing things traditionally and scanning them in for some easy fix-ups, further explaining why I'd choose to avoid Cintiq and the heavy costs, and anything that has me resting my hand on the screen for that matter. Gonna be honest though, it would be cool to have one.

Anyways. In this case it comes down to what I know. I'm a fan of Microsoft operating systems (7, fuck 8) and the Xbox, but not much else, and though I'd prefer to avoid both choices, I'd still go with Wacom.