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Thread: The White Knave's drawings.

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    The White Knave's drawings.

    Hi all,

    So I started last Monday to draw something more than tribal thingies in the corner of pages. I started my first serious drawing slap bang in the middle of my History lesson, and after a total of 3 hours, 1/8 of a rubber and half of my patience, I arrived at this :

    Now I have noticed myself a few problems with this, but this was done without any shape or form of a tutorial, I just picked up my pencil and wham, this happened. However, I must admit i cheated on the feet, I used an image from Cyborg 009 (Or something of that ilk) and copied that.
    So problems I noticed were, to begin with, the size of the head, far too big in comparison to her body. Her hair looks a bit thin on the top (or that might just be me, which incidentally, I'm hoping) and the torso is a bit big.
    Also the dink in her smile came from Hellsing, I forgot however that the small dent was the smile of a vampire -.- So yes, she has a fang.

    So then this followed :

    I'd list the problems, but there are to many. Also note she seems to be missing some f her anatomy, this is due to a friend taking the paper i was using at the time to draw what started out as a hand, ended up as Minnie Mouse without forgetting that at one point it was a plane, and the "wing" sliced her legs off.

    Ok so I need some help with my current project, Riven with an orient theme. Take a look and tell me what you think.

    SPOILER! :

    SPOILER! :

    This will be Riven at some point with clothes on, but I'm trying to get the whole thing right before doing the clothes. As far as I can tell, the top of the body and the head seem well proportioned, with the bottom part of the body a bit small. If someone could, I dunno, redline any changes I should make, I will be very grateful indeed.

    Report 2 :

    SPOILER! :

    Now I took on board the proportion problems and doghateburger's tip about the head size to body ratio, and I think it looks far better. I'm trying to trace it onto a clean white paper, because this one is fading away.

    Report 3 :

    SPOILER! :

    Tried to make the head more realistic without touching the hair/eyes. Chin is thinner, face is rounder and I tried to place some ears. Thanks to a rescale I have added the base of the legs and tried a very small amount of shading.

    Report 4 :

    SPOILER! :

    Better shading (I hope) and some colors to see what could be done. Just finishing clothes details. The breasts look a bit low, but apart from that I'm liking it. Eyes have been squared to see if it looks more realistic.

    Report 5 :

    SPOILER! :

    Added suit detail and colors, need to finish the detail. Colors also need to be finished.

    So for the time being that's me, I'm still getting to grips with the face markers, but that will come in time no doubt. Cheerio!
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