*looks around, kicks a stone*

Hmm... Well hi there. I'm xXtidusFRXx and, as the name suggests, I happen to live in a dear old country going by the name of France. Although ironically I come from England and have a certain mindset about the french, which hasn't changed much over 11 years.

So anyways I guess you're wondering what and why I'm here. If I'm perfectly honest, so am I. I have a doodle I need to finish.

To answer the what, I happen to have gone through the numerous tutorials Rio has provided and thought it would only be polite to say thank you. They are very easy to understand, easy to apply and helped me greatly with the dilemma each new drawer faces : the feet -_-" I've never managed to doodle anything more than some little tribal looking thing, but when I decided to do something serious i was surprised at the end result. It actually didn't suck. That much.

As to the why, I was wondering if I could post some of my... Well whatever they are and get some feedback. I only started this Monday and so far I even managed to draw Sir Integra Hellsing, with a few hiccups here and there, but meh, I move on. The latest happens to be a lady with strangely huge eyes, a purple dress and no sign of arms coming ANY time soon.

Until I feel comfortable enough to draw on usual paper, I use squared to keep the eyes center. It helps.

Anyways, I'm off to doodle. Cheerio!

TL;DR? I'm half-english, half-french and has discovered a mediocre hidden talent for drawing females in tight clothes.