Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted here. I haven't been drawing a ton, and I can't scan most of the ones I have drawn because I left them when I was in Sweden.

In any case, I tried to start to look at more anatomical references and using things like the gesture figures Demonfyre mentioned earlier. Before I draw something I make a quick version of it as a gesture on a different sheet to see how the pose I'm imagining looks and to make sure it's logical and not anatomically impossible (as a lot of my drawings have been).
I haven't scanned the gesture version of the following drawing, but if anyone thinks it will be helpful to see how I transfer from the gesture to actual drawing, I can upload it. Also, I'll try to include any references/tutorials/etc I used when drawing, as it might help to see if I'm applying it correctly.

I tried incorporating some fabric folds (in the bed), not sure if it got too excessive and messy, that tends to happen a lot

3/29/14 **somewhat nsfw**

(for the arm-behind-head position)
http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials...--vector-11608 (for bed folds)
also used another random female drawing reference, can't remember the page though :/

Some things I notice myself:

-Head is too large, it seems impossible to get this right; it seems fine at first and later, after drawing everything else, it looks too large and it's frustrating to erase a ton to fix it

-Hips might be not wide enough (not sure about this one)

-Legs start too high up/torso not long enough compared to rest of body (also speculative, it looks different to me depending on what size I look at it from, in a thumbnail sized image it appears too short, but at regular size I can't notice it. Maybe someone can shed some light on this)

-I'm not sure if I managed to draw the breasts correctly given the position of her arm; since it is connected to armpit to some extent it seems logical that it would face a bit upward due to the stretching back of the arm. Would be helpful if someone could tell me if I accomplished that

-Yes, I did not draw the hands because I knew they would be terrible. My next drawing is probably going to be a large practice sheet of hands in different positions so I can stop hiding them like a noob.