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Hmm not bad, not bad. But if you're going for a more realistic look, the eyes need to be an eye length apart and I still feel the arms need some bulking up. But it's nice to see some more clothing. Keep it up!
I was going for a semi-realistic style, but I think I would like the eyes to be realistically spaced, so that's a fair suggestion. I'd agree on the arm thickness as well. Thanks a lot for the advice

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Nice job! No reference as well! One issue I find is the neck looks a little thick compared to the shoulders. It looks fine compared to the head though, so try making the shoulders larger - just a little though
Thanks! Yeah, the neck/shoulder sizes ended up being a bit confusing to do because there is that puffy part of the jacket covering the area, so it makes conveying accurate sizes difficult. Good suggestion, thanks <(^_^)>