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Thread: The glorious empire of High Emperor Gunzet! Skirmish 2 page 22.

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    The glorious empire of High Emperor Gunzet! Skirmish 2 page 22.


    GunZet - Emperor of the Kingdom
    Linz - Immortal Empress of the Kingdom
    Bacon_Barbarian –Captain of Royal Janitorial Legion and Heir to Emperor's Throne/Brother of the Emperor/Ranking Doctor
    Inspector of the New Recruits
    Sylux - General of the Empire’s Army
    General Ironside- second in command to General Sylux
    General's high command
    Colonel Amelia Walker-junior member of the High Command
    Mr_Liebe - Lieutenant of the 10th Infantry Division
    Demonfyre - Captain of the Royal Battle Cook Division
    WhenRabbitsAttack - Royal Apothecary and Lore Master
    Gedeon- Castle Alchemist
    Snooderflubbyguppy – To be decided by the emperor’s court
    AlmanacnamedTime – Knight of General Purposes
    Seargent Barclay-second in command to Lieutenant Liebe
    Seargeant Strong arm- same
    Corporal Punees mont 3 in command to Lieutenant Liebe
    Outcast- local hermit
    Mat- warlock and knight
    Hamachi- court golfclubmaster and fencing instructor

    The Undead Legion
    Demonfyre – Evil Spirit, Master of the Undead Legion and the Emperor’s Dark Brother
    ~Now Recruiting for the 100 page war ~

    George Benedict- the Undead General and Commander of the 1st Vampire infantry division.
    Captain Darkwing- A fresh Captain in the Skeleton corps
    Seargent Spectre- former 3rd command to Darkwing, currently in the dungeons of Gunzet's castle

    Anti-Empire Activists

    tell me names of people I've missed, and their rank. Thanks to Demon for helping me fill out the character list.

    In the barracks of the 10th infantry division of the Emperor's northern branch of his army, one of the divisions chief officers stood on a stage with his superiors sitting behind him staring at him with eyes like daggers. This officer was Lieutenant Liebe, an officer who had proven to be efficient in the past, however, several days ago has returned from a mission, a failure. The mission was to capture a number of criminals who destroyed several crops in the northern fields of his Majesty's empire, they were indeed captured, but not before one of them managed to inform allies of theirs, by way of messanger hawk. Despite having failed to capture the messanger bird, he has retained his rank, and has been allowed to redeem himself in the coming days.

    The Lieutenant cleared his throat, and looked back at his superiors, apologetically, before facing the rest of the division. While on the inside he was left unsure of his future in the division, he stood before his men with an undaunted smile.

    "Soldiers of the 10th division, despite what has happened, your officers are devising a plan to crush our foes, and will not stop until the task is completed. Until then, prepare for what for whatever is to happen. Now... to your duties!"

    A resounding choir of 'Yes,sir.' rung out from the room, and was followed by the jingling of chainmail, the scuffling of steel boots, and murmuring of men. Lieutenant Liebe watched with mild interest, happy for any distraction from the current task at hand, and the displeasure of his superiors. He still had his station, however, he was rather unsure what actions the Captains will take in their anger at his failure.
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