My name's Tide, and I'm an aspiring manga artist. I enjoy playing online games, admiring beautiful manga artwork, and watching Lets Plays. I dislike people making mean assumptions about others without really even knowing them, and social injustice in general isn't something I readily accept. I'm normally pretty thick-skinned, though it all crumbles when I see malice in what people say to me. It's... something I've been working to overcome ._.;

I've been very persistent in my manga studies. Despite my time and effort, I've got little to show for it relative to it; it's probably because my brain wiring makes me unable to get anything of value from the the art books I've read, so I've been hoping I could find a method here that I can use to improve at a consistent pace

I'm can, when taught something well, explain to others very well that specific thing. So, I should be able to help other budding artists on this forum greatly by the time I become skilled myself.

Looking forward to further improvement and helping others do the same!