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Thread: ElonaPlus / Roguelike Thread

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    ElonaPlus / Roguelike Thread

    Roughly 600 years ago I posted up this game called Elona because it was just so ridiculous and funny that I wanted to share it with you all and the game is now back as ElonaPlus which adds new features and fixes a lot of bugs.

    If you didn't play before Elona is a roguelike known for being kind of insane. If you're thinking well hey aren't all roguelikes insane then you will probably enjoy this game. You'll get killed for playing music badly, have children, go on quests with little girls, and generally not know what you're doing ever.

    And here is an anecdote from the PA forums from ages ago that shows the mood of the game:

    I was doing seriously awesome - had a blessed machine gun with glass bullets, doing stupid damage (like 10d3 + 6d2 with a +25 to hit), and was lucky enough to have that mysterious douche in the first town die (the one with no name). So there I was, with my 2d18 sword, my +20 armor, and my machine gun, chewing up everything in the puppy dungeon like there's no tomorrow. Suddenly, I make a learning check and realize the sword I'm carrying is Ragnarok, and the words "Let's RAGNAROK!" show up on the screen, followed by every available square being filled with angry dragons.

    What the fuck, game. What the fuck.
    You can download the game here. (Don't translate the page to english or the button vanishes for some reason.

    And there is a helpful wiki here.

    SPOILER! :

    So maybe lets all play this and talk about it?
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