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Thread: Good Anime Inker/Artist Wanted -Story Aleady Scripted

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    Lightbulb Good Anime Inker/Artist Wanted -Story Aleady Scripted

    This is just an Update post but -

    I decided that If I cant find a better artist then myself then ill make a "light novel"...If I can find a good artist who likes my story and is willing to help,then ill try do a manga....

    What My story is about:

    "10,000 years ago,there was an ancient civilization(much like real life today), but they were not a technologically advanced.These people had special abilities within us though.To unlock these abilities,the people searched for an answer until Six Very Unusual gems were found,and a break through on unlocking this inner power was upon these people.Though,In the distance,another world was fated for disaster and came here as a last resort.Seeing them as the Aliens,we retaliated to them,even though they wanted peace.And with their technology they wiped the existence of "Humans",off the earth and became the new species and the gems that were on the verge of being used to their potential,were long forgotten."

    (Hanako 2012. All Rights Reserved.)

    For an artist: I am already scripting it,Ive already done the story,and already have basic drawings of the characters and how I see them looking,all you would have to do s draw the pages according to the yeah...

    For faster response,You may respond through PM,or my email which is:
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