@Cloudy: Thanks

@Ged: I just drew what I saw, so either the skeleton really -did- have a big head, or I accidentally made it off scale... but I do remember making sure I got things quite accurate in a stylized kind of way.

@Blue_Dragon: Hahaha, I've been pretty lucky so far. The woman I drew was also the same model I drew last semester in Drawing 1, she has quite an easy body to sketch out... then we got two old dudes *shudders* Oh and thankyou, yea that leg was at a pretty awkward angle, it was hard not to make it look funky lol. No idea what she was reading O.O.

@Sparky: To be honest, I really, really hated charcoal when I first had to use it last semester, but now I actually prefer it to working with pencil when it comes to figure drawings. Also thanks, man. I just dabble in a bit of everything haha.

Okay guys, late replies taken care of. We started working on hands and feet in my figure drawing class. So here's my hand.

Work in Progress

** This is mostly 0.7 lead pencil with a bit of 5B and 7B to achieve the darkest areas.

Sorry for the shit quality, guys. I have to take these with my iPod due to the large paper. I'll scan it later when it's done, cause this pic dodges a lot of small details.