@Cake: Thankyou thankyou. Lol, everyone likes the backpack for some reason xD
@Sparky: Actually, I might model a small vest. But then that'd break from the original drawing, hmmm. Prooobably.
@Psy: Once you find that modeling is hella fun (that's if you survive learning the initial bits) then you'll understand how I can sit and mess with a 3D box for 6 hours at a time haha. And thanks, I think I'm going to delete the modeled eyes and nose, and just sculpt them right in Zbrush.
@Baron: It's just you lol. But that'd be cool o.o
@Gedeon: FRACK! Sorry bro, I really need to get around to more IIIf. Maybe this weekend when I have more time on my hands. Gah...but don't worry, it hasn't died >_>