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Thread: Iori's 91 degree art skills progress (Safe for work)

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    Iori's 91 degree art skills progress (Safe for work)

    91 degrees = a really steep incline, so that's what my progress in artistic ability is

    I started drawing from level 0 around January, after having drawn a ridiculously low amount as child.

    I've worked my way up to being able to draw real life things and copy drawings decently, so for a while, that's all it'll be in here. Drawings of real life, or copies of drawings/photos.

    My short-term goal is to get good enough to take part in a the 100 theme challenge by the end of the year.

    My long term goal is comic book artist/mangaka
    SPOILER! :
    I know that'll take a huge mountain of effort, but I plan on trying.

    Help me improve!

    So, let's get this thing going.

    Remember that these are all copies.

    I was able to find the originals (or close to them) on the internet, though what I copied was from actual books.

    The cover of the Howl's Moving Castle artbook, in April. The book had the same picture on the inside, so I used that for the middle parts, since the lettering covers part of the center.
    SPOILER! :


    I suggest you visit this link though, because ^that one got a bit shrunk and less good looking.

    Observations: I made it too squat, it's not tall enough, so I actually had to cut out a few of the less important parts. I actually improved as time went while doing this drawing, so certain parts are better than others, depending on what I did before/after.

    Yukishiro Enishi, from Rurouni Kenshin.
    SPOILER! :

    Not the original I copied, but it's the same outfit, at least.


    Didn't pay enough attention to his arm muscles, so especially his right arm looks weird. The sizing of the arms is also off.

    Piccolo, from Dragon Ball Z.
    SPOILER! :
    Original (reversed):


    L from Death Note:
    SPOILER! :


    I shouldn't have gotten lazy and tried to invert his hair color. His face is wrong, so this guy looks more like L's brother. The angles on his left (our right) side are way to acute, so he's leaning in my copy, which he wasn't really doing in the original.
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