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Thread: Your favorite old school games

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    Does anyone remember ZERO WING?

    Not the greatest game but the translations were funny.

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    Here's another good one:

    Valis for the Sega Genesis

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    Megaman Legends, Sin & Punishment, zombies ate my neighbors

    and TMNT: Turtles in Time

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    Mine old games are:
    Need for Speed III: HP, High Stakes, HP2, Underground, Carbon, Pro Street and World. I played Underground or Most Wanted since I was about 8 or 9 years old, but I did not have any partners to play together. In 9 or 10 years old, I joined the NFS clan and I was kicked due to inactivity or underage - reason unknown, but probably both. I wasn't too active because I joined just to download cars and tracks for NFSIII or NFSHS.
    Civilisation: It is a complicated but interesting game. I am talking about DOS version of it.
    Sim City series. When I was 9 or 10 years old, I downloaded SC2000. It was cool, but trains are driving randomly. My favourite is SC4eluxe, I downloaded it at my 14 years old, but could not download it early because my mother installed very expensive Internet, which speed was about 1,3kBps, and maximun amount of traffic was only 20MB. But, still wanted it.
    GTA SA: I started to play it at my 11 years old age, but I hated storyline, so I installed the stripped main script from Clean GTA SA mod. In my 13 years old of age, I stopped playing it and will never restart.
    Hot Wheels Bash Arena: When I was about 7, it was the only game on my PC, and I was tired of seeing tiny fantasy cars and smashing instead of racing and wanted a real racing.
    Test Drive Series: In my 8 years old of age, my mother bought me a Test Drive 2003. I am still tired of this game because in this game cars are uneasy to control and opponents were too evil. At 9, I played Test Drive II: The Duel, Test Drive III: The Passion, Test Drive 4, and 6. First was my favourite to recreate it, third was interesting but the controls were boring, 4 and 6 were so so because of competitive opponents. Recently, I started to play TDU, the car was skidding frequently, and I couldn't handle it.
    Trainz Railroad Simulator: Since I love railways, I started to play TRS2004 and create simple routes for it in my 10. I still play it and contribute, but my works mods deleted and I am permanently banned onto 5 websites.
    Clifford's Birthday: My first game. I played it in my 7 years old and I disliked it. I hated RPGs and quest games before my 14 years old.

    This history of my gaming career may be too dramatic for you. If I was at 7-10 years old here, some older girls who are 14-16 will come to me while I am crying and dreaming and say "Oh my cutie-chan! Poor boy!" or similar.

    My perspective gaming and contributing is planning to play Cities in Motion, City Bus Simulator, TOCA Race Driver, some tamagocchi stuff or RPGs etc.

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    Elder scrolls 2 daggerfall was so awesome, and its free


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