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Thread: Your favorite old school games

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    Your favorite old school games

    Hey folks, what's up?
    i was wondering, what are your favorite old school games?

    mine has to be the Doom series (Doom 1,2 and Final Doom that is).
    after all it was one of the first games i've ever played as a kid.
    ah yes... good times... good times...
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    Hey Baron =)

    Nice thread man *thumbs up*

    Those are my favorites but they are not ordered. I had pics of them to show their versions:

    Need for Speed Underground (PC)
    My little brother and I were playing it. My car was purple (that's guessable for the old MTs) ^^, my bro's was green. This is not considered too old for me because I played it when I was a teenager.

    Golden Axe III (Sega)
    She was my favorite fighter ^w^ and she's holding my favorite type of swords.

    Super Mario (Family Computer) <-- too old! what an embarrassment ._."
    I can't believe I used to play that game >_> but it was cool at that time.. My dear mummy joined us too <3 XD

    Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Sega)
    I used to like blue just because I like Sonic =)

    No PlayStations or Xbox ^_^"

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    Super Mario world rocks! Also from the old, old nintendo: Double Dragon and Tetrus. For the super nintendo: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Starts (so awesome!) and Donkey Kong. There're too many games to list from N64.
    I am so not typing anything interesting...

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    Majora's Mask!!!! <2nd!!>

    Then Chrono Trigger!!!! <3rd...deserves first on my list D:>

    Theen Freespace!!! :O <1st!!!>

    In my opinion ... Freespace is the greatest flight simulator of all time.

    Beat the game 31 times as a kid (like 5-7 years old)...once in a day >:O

    YARA!!! I used to play NFSU ALLLL the time as a kid
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    Master of Magic.

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    Some of my top old games:

    Dragon Force
    Sega Saturn

    Shining Force 1 - 3
    Sega Genesis & Saturn

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms III

    Chrono Trigger is also one of my favorite RPGs along with...

    Lunar: Eternal Blue
    Sega CD

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    Good thread, I have so many favorite old school games... I hope this isn't too much...

    - Blaster Master (awesome gameplay coupled with terrible story... funny if I think about it now)
    - Guardian Legend

    SEGA Genesis:
    - All Sonic series, especially Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    - Gun Star Heroes (if only Treasure could make the sequel at least as good as this)
    - Yu Yu Hakuso 2 (the best Yu Yu Hakuso game ever!)

    - Star Ocean (the one that start the series, what else need to be said?)
    - Tales of Phantasia (the one that start the series, what else need to be said?)
    - Chrono Trigger (no brainer)
    - FF VI (also a no brainer)
    - Terranigma (go around the world, saving plants and animals, cool)
    - Front Mission (the one that start the series, what else need to be said?)

    PSX and Saturn
    (I won't write any since there is too many and still too new anyway... but I still need to mentioned this one)
    Virtual On (high speed battle mecha VS mecha, one of my most favorite game)

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    Buffalo, NY
    My favorite old games are
    Heroes of Might and Magic 2 (and 3)

    And ofcourse Super Mario

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    cake is the all mighty winner.


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