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Thread: Del's Terrible Scrawlings

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    Del's Terrible Scrawlings

    Hey guys, I'm not an artist but I'd be interested in improving my art anyway. Feel free to give any sort of critique you like, the harsher the better.

    I drew this yesterday, from reference. It took me way too long and a better artist could've done it quicker and better, but eh. His abdomen is too short, his left arm is slightly out of place and poorly-shaded, and his head is a disaster area. I abandoned it for those reasons, but if you've got any more it'd be great to hear them. Reference comes first, then the drawing itself.

    SPOILER! :

    I drew some stuff from life the day before that, including this white rose. The shading is abominable, and again it's not complete, but I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on the proportions of the thing.

    SPOILER! :
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