I can't think of a good intro, so um. Conspiracies. Let's talk about them. If you're a conspiracy theorist, try to prove your conspiracies. Talk about the dumbest conspiracies you've heard, talk about some experiences you've had.

Here's some popular conspiracies that conspiracy theorists ramble on about:
Illuminati & NWO, Freemasons (secret societies in general)
Aliens (Area 51, Roswell)
Tupac and Elvis ain't dead
US government was the reason for 9/11
AIDS is manmade
Apollo 11 didn't land on the moon
Some US presidents were actually reptillian overlords Lol
JFK wasn't killed by Lee Harvey Oswald
Paul Mccartney actually died a long time ago, and was replaced by another guy that looks exactly like him

Tell me if theres anything else you want to add to the list. It doesn't actually have to be popular. I'll also add links under the conspiracies if you want, just provide them.

The illuminati conspiracy is probably the most popular at the moment, and the one that annoys me the most. The only "evidence" I've seen is subliminal messages that don't make sense. Give me substansial proof if you think the illuminati is real, without telling me I'm in denial and without bringing up Tupac and Jay-z.

My spanish teacher also once told me her boyfriend a long time ago worked in Area 51, and there were definately aliens. I wasn't sure what to say, but it was weird.