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Thread: Dumplings ArtDump.

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    Dumplings ArtDump.

    Hello C: My name is Rin, you can call me Midori or Rin or Dumpling. lol whatever works best xD
    Im pretty sure my thread name makes no sense... but everyone's was so cool ;u;

    Tis nice to be here at MT forums =D.
    So as suggested I decided to put up a critique thread for work ^^
    Please feel welcome to critique however you like, I would greatly appreciate it! =D

    I hope that I can improve my works C: If not, lol, oh well I'll keep working hard anyways ^^

    Have fun! \(^-^)/

    So in order not to double post? I'll upload here C:
    I made this a year or so ago, and it is probably the best my anatomy has ever been, or so it seems in my eyes. o_O
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