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Thread: Saimoe Tournament [Swimsuit Edition] FINALS

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    Saimoe Tournament [Swimsuit Edition] FINALS

    Seeding 1

    Name: Marabelle[JJJorgie]
    Age: 16
    Likes: Cheesy Romance, Cooking, Learning about medicine
    Dislikes: The sight of blood, Wasting time, Unexepted happenings


    Age: 16
    Likes: Bread, Straw-hats, Rock, Traveling...
    Dislikes: Smart-ass people, Maps, Trips on foot
    A peculiar teen girl that loves traveling. But she has an extreme case of disorientation, and gets lost frequently if there is no one to guide her. But on the bright side she is very friendly and almost every time she gets lost she meets someone new and gets new friends..... who then take her to her home via the home address she always carry's with herself.

    Seeding 2

    Emiko [baka-neko]
    Here's Emiko-chan. She is a geek-girl, likes games, cats, and raw fish... dislikes everything else -.-


    Name: Shannah[Rio]
    Age: 10
    About: Shannah seems like a happy-go-lucky type of person but she isn't really. She just lives for the moment and tends to move along with life rather than dwell on the past. She'd try anything at least once except if it's bad for you. Shannah greatly dislikes anyone trying to hurt themselves or others. Maybe that's why she tends to like super heroes and "people of justice" as she likes to say.
    Likes: New experiences, surprises, box of chocolates (cuz you don't know what you'll get), super heroes
    Dislikes: Bad people who like to hurt others or hurt themselves

    Seeding 3



    Seeding 4

    She's Samantha Rodwell.. actually at the beginning of my manga I named her Candy since I got a lot of my friends telling me Samantha is not a very pretty name
    (Just use the name Candy miku)
    Likes: Spicy foods, and any type of fruits and tacos
    Dislikes: the greatest thing she hates is herself for a lot of reasons, also she hates aquarium
    Bio: She's discovered she have the power of air when she was 6 (it's not actually bending, my physics of power is not like that) Anyways her powers usually reacts on emotion and she loves playing with it but kept it a secret from her friends all the time.. it usually reacts on her emotion like too much anger or too much joy, she discovered that cause she accidentally used it on her friends from time to time but because it's a transparent power and it's easy to hide and she has nothing to fear and it's easy too come up with other stories since it's just air.
    when she was 8 her little brother was born, there was a time where a burglar comes to her house and a gun was pointed towards her and her brother and that's where she almost killed her brother because she can't handle her powers very much.. after that she breaks up with her friends and swore to never show too much emotion all the time.
    she smiles and uses some angry faces emotion but it's not really through the heart.
    Also this scene is where she's battling in the beach with some guy with the power of fire, well.. I am practicing fire anyways.. >_>


    Name: Louise[Evil cake]
    Age: 19
    Likes: Wandering around, smiling, laughing, looking at stuff, helping people, people, food, pretty much everything.
    Dislikes: frowns, clowns, working

    Seeding 5



    Name: Kedi[Spidegoth]
    Age: 17 (in cat years)
    Birthday: February 14
    Zodiac: Aquarius
    hair: redhead
    eyes: blue
    fur: black
    Fav. Food: salmon, sushi and strawberry milkshakes
    Fav. Color: pink
    Height: 5 ‘5’ (165.1 cm)
    Weight: 125 lbs. (56.7 Kg)
    Likes: catnip, naps, gymnastics, fighting, romance movies, yawn
    Dislikes: water, aggressive dogs, the dark, cleaning
    Personality: She is quite a lively individual. She is smart and unimpressionable. At the same time spending all her life locked away she can be quite ignorant to things in the outside world. She is very playful to a childish point and loves to annoy her more serious partner. However she takes her mission seriously and is a skilled fighter.
    Story: Kedi was a part of a secret experiment of human-animal hybrids at a university. When the government finds out about the experiment they infiltrate the university’s research vicinity in order to shut down the experiments and to kill off all the research specimens as they were deemed a threat to society. Kedi is found by a senior agent who can’t seem to be able to kill her because of her close resemblance to his deceased daughter. The operation fails as many of the hybrids escape. Kedi is brought before the higher ups and deemed useful in retrieving the other hybrids. She is assigned to work with a twenty-four year old prodigy agent, Troy Daniels, to accomplish this mission. As a safety measure she is equipped with a tracking device and a Taser chip (both in the form of earrings) An important yet painful decision has to be made upon capture of the experiments- whether to rehabilitate them to be useful as Kedi or kill them off if they are too dangerous, as every individual is different.

    Seeding 6



    Name: Ulow Zygiella[Reg]
    Bio: A sort of stunted cave spider gypsy person, Ulow (pronounced you-low) is a twenty-six year old member of the underground Chitine race. She ventured up into the world above looking for her missing son Fillis, and is still on that quest to date.
    Personality: Smart but ill-educated, Ulow loves to gibber on about practically nothing, with an clumsy accent practically no one can understand. She displays a massive amount of kindness towards those she likes, but on the other side of the coin, this irrational amount of passion tends to make her turn on people for the smallest wrong doing.
    Likes: Sour foods, hot/damp weather, dark places, alcohol, company.
    Dislikes: Any animal with fur, bright lights, squid, being alone.

    Seeding 7

    Name: Mickey Joseph[Spidergoth]
    Age: 15
    Instrument: Drums/Secondary vocals
    Influences: Charlie Chaplin, Katherine Hepburn, Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, James Dean, Ringo Starr, John Bonham, Karen Carpenter
    Birthday: May 28
    Zodiac: Gemini
    Hair: White
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 4 ‘11’ (147 cm)
    Weight: 90 lbs (40.9 kg)
    Fav. Color: Baby Blue
    Fav. Food: Chocolate covered scorpions
    Likes: drums, shopping, acting, horror films, anime, singing, animal themed hats, and coffee
    Dislikes: studying, sports, heights, pickle jars, and people who make fun of her height
    personality: Mickey is an eccentric person. She is an aspiring actress who plays the drums as a hobby and begins a band with her best friends. Definitely the wild child she is hyper, boy crazy, and always willing to try something new (including the strangest foods). She is a shopaholic and uses any excuse to procrastinate with her assignments.


    Name : Siena Mae[Siaman]
    Age: 23
    Height : 5'6"
    About her: she a environmentalist which spend her time trying to protect and preserve the beauty of the sea..

    Seeding 8




    Seeding 9

    Character Name: Kim[Cloudy]
    Age: 16
    Birthday: 16th of march
    Hair: Light Blonde
    Eyes: Brown
    Origin: Australian but lives travelling around various places with her pal Torch.
    Language(s): English, Japanese
    Friends: Torch the bear
    Career: Adventurer
    Hobbies: Adventure, plants, animals.
    Likes: Exploring places, being with animals, swimming
    Dislikes: Cruelty to animals, pain
    Talents: Scouting, running
    Temperament/Personality: outgoing, childish, kind, very dramatic and excitable, bubbly.



    Seeding 10




    Good luck and let the games begin!
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    Voting system is still the same. Overall we have 10 matches. Example of how to vote:

    [Seeding 1]
    Lenalee -[voted]

    You can only vote for 1 character on each seeding. If I find a double vote then it will not be counted. Happy voting!

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    Canime's "Aria" has been posted twice, btw. Gonna wait for this to be fixed before I vote...

    But I will say that, damn, the competition is ridiculous here... People really pulled out all the stops. ⊙▂⊙

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    Did Sylux made it? or is he did a prank again? >_>

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    Fixed. If there is any other problems please tell me Dx. Sorry for the mistake.

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    Where can I find an explanation about how the voting/ tournemant system works?

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    For every pair of characters, vote for one.

    I hate choosing between two characters I really like. Emiko and Shannah, for example.

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    Woah! So many entries @_@

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    No I was talking about that flowchart thing, how does it work?

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    ...well apart from the fact that almost everything is SEXY...rather then cute....great start up....
    Its hard to make something look cute in a bikini.......Bikinis are a personifications of sexiness.....rather the n cuteness....also FUDGE MATHS FOR NOT LETTING ME HAVE ENOUGH TIME FOR THE SECOND ENTRY!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by GunZet View Post
    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.


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