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    @All involved - Mereana pretty much summed it up were just brainstorming until we find something that we can both work with I appreciate your critism and welcome you to do so again on the base ideas but please remember that that is what they are, ideas, thanks for posting and raising those points though

    @Mereana - Hmm, I see what you mean and yeah gruesome but I was thinking more of a post-apocalyptic story, like the event happened and the story is vaguely set around the formaion of new governments and different branches of society not necessary fighting it out but if you wanted we could include some 'rogue factions' for the Shonen element :P That could also reduce the importance of having definite moment here the world as we know it ended. Actually! Having the post-apocalyptic idea would be ideal because it could also be one of the major climaxes of the story where they find out what actually happened to earth and that could allow us to make up something ludicrous (if you wanted) :P obviously though the event would also have to involve a way to allow the introduction of these genetic bug things :P which is an interesting idea :P

    Whenever I think about them I think about the Necromorphs from dead space albeit they are like grossly mutated humans rather than insects :L I really like the idea of the genetic bugs and personally I would like to see them created by humans because the whole plot would be a lot more nefarious and interesting if they were of human origin. In industry people can introduce different bug predators to prevent the consumption of crops by like pest species, it could be that we were designing the ultimate pest control measures but goes horribly wrong?

    I was thinking that the story would revolve around a group of say 4-6 survivors which would also allow as ram suggested allow us to make it interesting with a romance adding the Shoujo element xD

    I guess the correct question is however would you enjoy working on this idea and designing it etc? I'm happy with where this idea is heading but I will move on and think of more ideas if you don't like it
    I await your reply

    (Note: I'm going to use the second post to store these ideas until we decide on which one we are both happy to work with, personally this one is shaping up nicely in my opinion :3)

    Idea #1 (Post-Apocalyptic Theme) Summary:

    Project Name: To soon to decide

    Setting: Future Earth, A city of sorts? -- Personally I was thinking somewhere in USA because, well most disasters seem to happen there :P in Japan we have no idea how their services work etc and just a general lack of knowledge, and I suppose if you wanted we could do UK as well but its a bit boring and not so big :L

    Date: 2050-2100 -- Trying to think of a suitable time frame which would allow for a disaster but also time for society to somewhat recover.

    Genre(s): Undecided

    Primary Protagonist(s): Male and Female Survivor -- *cough* love story...

    Secondary Protagonist(s): Rest of group members + other roles -- Back benchers

    Primary Antagonist(s): Hive Queen of Weird Mutant Bugs and the Leader of 'rogue factions' -- if we were to use the idea of a rogue faction

    Secondary Antagonist(s): The Weird Bugs -- for lack of a better name :P

    Vague Description: Set in a future earth where an unknown apocalypse known as 'The Incident' has wiped out most of humanity and a few pockets of civilization remain who are trying desperately to restore order to a world torn by chaos and survive the onslaught of the mysterious [To be names -- Genetic Bug Things]. The story revolves around a group of survivors whom go by the name of [To be named -- if you want] and their exploits as they try to navigate a world of madness and discover what happened all those years ago leading to the creation of the [To be named]. -- This is how I see it so far, Let me know if you want anything changed etc

    SPOILER! :

    From UK drama Primeval. This is what I have in my head at the moment which btw is epic and you should all watch it... now!
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