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Thread: F.E.N.R.I.S. - Collaboration Project

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    F.E.N.R.I.S. - Collaboration Project

    NOTE: We are still in preliminary stages of the design, by which I mean we are brainstorming :3 don't expect a brilliantly made comic :P

    Anyway this is the thread where myself and Mereana (WhenRabbitsAttack) and Raz (Shnorkel) shall be co-writing a short manga thing feel free to post suggestions and what not to stop it from spiraling into the weird realms of absurdity :L the project isn't planned to be anything large and will probably just be a fun exercise for practice, but you never know what it could evolve into.

    The following three posts I have reserved so I can edit them and keep information up to date maybe with some pictures and extracts from out project and other related stuff

    Contents (Will be beefed up more as the project expands and we have more information to store.)

    Post 1 - Summary
    Post 2 - Chapters, Timeline and Story Extracts (and Story Ideas)
    Post 3 - Concept Art

    F.E.N.R.I.S. Summary

    Project Name: Fenris
    Setting: Floating Islands of the Valorian States
    Date: 2081 AD
    Genre(s): Undecided
    Primary Protagonist(s): Jett, Tyra, Viorell, Llyod, (Hel)
    Secondary Protagonist(s): TBA
    Primary Antagonist(s): Okinsella, Hel, Hati, Skoll, Jörmungandr
    Secondary Antagonist(s): TBA

    Other Ideas

    Idea #1 (Post-Apocalyptic Theme)

    Project Name: To soon to decide
    Setting: Future Earth, A city of sorts?
    Date: 2050-2100
    Genre(s): Undecided
    Primary Protagonist(s): Male and Female Survivor
    Secondary Protagonist(s): Rest of group members + other roles
    Primary Antagonist(s): Hive Queen of weird bug things and the Leader of 'rogue factions'
    Secondary Antagonist(s): The Weird Bug Things
    Vague Description: Set in a future earth where an unknown apocalypse known as 'The Incident' has wiped out most of humanity and a few pockets of civilization remain who are trying desperately to restore order to a world torn by chaos and survive the onslaught of the mysterious [To be names -- Genetic Bug Things]. The story revolves around a group of survivors whom go by the name of [To be named -- if you want] and their exploits as they try to navigate a world of madness and discover what happened all those years ago leading to the creation of the [To be named].

    Idea #2 (Stranded/Shoujo Themes)

    A group of survivors wake up on a beach at the edge of a jungle with no memories of their previous lives. There are no signs of human activity apart from stray surveillance cameras found monitoring the island. The survivors must work together in order to survive the harsh environment they find themselves stuck in, to recover their lost memories and to get to find out the nature of the mysterious surveillance cameras.

    Idea #3 (Oppression Theme)

    Set around the city of 'Tobedecided:3', where the city is segregated into two societies, the Dark Sector and the Metropolis. The Metropolis is the heart of the empire and where the wealthy and powerful reside to enjoy their lives and the Dark Sector is the slums at the outer edge of the cities. From birth Dark Sector residents are seperated into different categories defining there job within 'The Machine' - a large factory built to supply electricity to the Metropolis and to power their amenities. They are split into three classes; Laborers the basic work force tasked with working 'The Machine', the Commanders whom are charged with maintaining order of the workforce and the Maternals, tasked with providing nutrition and other resources to all the workers in the Machine. The story is set around the first uprising of the Dark Sector and their desperate attempt to break free from the oppression of the Metropolis.

    Idea #4 (Disaster/Shoujo Themes)

    Set in a small rural farming town somewhere in tornado valley, America. A group of high school kids have been out of town for a biology trip. When they return to the town, they find it has been completely destroyed by a massive tornado. They explore the broken city, and as they do, a feud develops about whether they should leave the town to go find help or if they should stay and wait. A group split off to try and find help. The story revolves around the group of survivors and the problems they encounter in search for civilization. At the end of the story feuds, new loves, break ups develop but manage to find help and go back to their town to see if the other kids survived: they didn't, and with the tragedy of the incident and the loss of their friends they start to rebuild their broken city with their new found love.

    Idea #5 (Cyborg/Shonen (with bits of Shoujo) Themes)

    Jett is a cyborg labeled F.E.N.R.I.S. who was abducted and had his memory wiped by an anti-government organization. His abilities are sealed using an algorithm called 'Gleipnir'. He was disguised as an ordinary boy by the organization and sent to a foster family, given the name 'Jett'. He grew up thinking he had lost his family and memories in an earthquake that had occurred 11 years prior to the beginning of the story. He is part of a series of cyborgs created to recreate the world anew, beginning Ragnarok. He is the first in the series, and using him two more were created, Hati and Skoll. Jett was assaulted by Hati who managed to break the seal 'Gleipnir', unlocking Jett's abilities and releasing Ragnarok. Tyra, the mysterious girl in his class, actually belongs to the organization who kidnapped him and wiped his memory. She was sent by the organization tasked with keeping an eye on Jett during his highschool years and prevented the seal from being broken.
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