1 - Face all bandaged up and hooded with only a few stray hair clumps showing to hide his metallic face. His hood is badly sewn onto his large coat.

2 - Part of the circuitry etc for his arm.

3 - The circuitry and stuff for his legs.

4 - Large metal plated boots attacked to the circuitry to protect from damage.

5 - Syringe bit of the blade as requested I just made a random sword design because you never posted up the design Raz :L

6 - Bar code thing and 'Ragnarok' faction tattoo idea. I was thinking since he is a machine he would have some form of identification, why not a bar code? :L

7 - Just a metal plate to his 'heart' or 'inner circuitry' with the Ragnarok faction symbol idea on it.

A copy without all the graffiti etc can be found on my critique thread