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haha actually the entire story is based on some of the Norse mythology that's all.
The 'father' or more precisely Dr. Laurence O'kinsella (Dr. L.Oki) represents the god Loki, who is the father of Fenrir, Jormungand and Hel. All three of them are Okinsella's creations (Fenrir being a lab raised cyborg, Jorm being an android and Hel being an augmented ordinary human). Plus, Hati and Skoll which in the mythos are Fenrir's children, are actually in the story created from Jett's DNA. The supercomputer that engineered all three of Okinsella's creations is called Angrboda, named after Loki's mistress.
In the mythos, the gods chained Fenrir in a magical silk rope called Gleipnir (in the story, it's the name of the algorithm), and the god of war Tyr (The story equivalent being Tyra) had his hand bitten off by Fenrir when Fenrir was chained up (same thing, Tyra lost her arm when Jett's memory was wiped). Tyr's weapon is a spear (so is Tyra's).
Hati and Skoll are two wolves that chase the chariots of the moon and sun (respectively) trying to eat them. It is said that when there's a lunar/solar eclipse, the moon/sun are in danger of being eaten. The story starts on a lunar eclipse night where Hati appears.
The valkyries are flying female warriors, same with the Valkyrie unit.
Hel, the youngest of Loki's children is described to be beautiful but with half of her face and her legs being dead and rotten like a corpse's. Hel in the story is a little girl who lost her legs and got injured in her head in an accident. They were replaced with bionics.

I'm sure there's more references to the Norse mythology in the story that I haven't mentioned
A little correction there, Loke (or Loki in English) were a half god and half jotne He's accepted among the gods, or "Ęser" as they're called in old norse, cause he's Odin's blood brother. Means they share blood after cutting their thumbs for then to let the blood combine.

I know more of this than you think I'm a Norwegian dude that has been extremely interested in it for most of my life.