Simplifying is what I was talking about earlier (not putting too much elements in the story). I mean, we already have a big government conspiracy thing, a secret organization, cyborgs and the end of the world, we should stick to that, and be cautious about adding more stuff.
The idea of having the Ragnarok project a secret, meaning that the Valkyrie's organization, Jett and Tyra don't know about the true intentions of the Ragnarok faction until a certain point in the story (which afterwards Tyra will report to the organization and then they will decide that killing Jett is the only way, and she'll go rogue). And about the true intentions of the Ragnarok government-wise, mabye having some inner circle of higher-ups and not just one doctor as the plotters?
I still think that the Ragnarok should be something world-wide and not just the Valorian States, but that's just my opinion.

Mereana, I think that we can make use of your design and mabye alter it abit so it fits the character. Sure, upload it
I'll proof-read the summary later, I don't have enough time right now