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Thread: Need some advice/help

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    Question Need some advice/help

    Hello again everyone,

    I have a few things I'm hoping you guys (and gals) could help me out with. I'm unsure how some things are down when drawing with a Wacom tablet. Here are a few things I'm unsure of.

    1. I see in the videos that the artists constantly zoom in and out. Are they using a short cut or using their Wacom stylus to zoom in and out?

    2. Is it better to zoom in when drawing, say the facial features?

    3. I'm using to drawing very tiny....for some reason making long sweeping strokes is very hard and they end up 'wrong' either not following the original sketch ect. Do I need to get used to make a stroke in one attempt as apposed to slowly drawing the line in stages?

    4. Should my hand touch the Wacom? It looks like in the few video's I've been able to view that the artist really never places the heel of his hand down.

    I'm sorry if all this might seem basic but I'm trying to develop good techniques before I really get down to business. I'm not as young as I used to be and learning comes a little slower lol. I welcome any hint or tips to making my drawing life a bit easier. I really want to learn this and practice will help greatly but the correct fundamentals will go even further.

    Once I get this down I can tackle stuff like drawing hair, which I can do when looking at a picture but not without. For some reason I just have not been able to tackle that lol, but that's for another time.

    On a side note I have a Wacom Intuose 5 medium and I'm using Manga Studio 5. (I have a very old Photoshop CS2 but hardly use that right now)

    Thanks in advance and sorry about the huge post.

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    1) Mostly likely yes, learn your shortcuts, it'll save you loads of time, For PS is space+ctrl to zoom and space+alt to zoom out, Manga Studio Im not really sure, but check the preference, It may be there.

    2) Its completely up to you, Which ever one is more comfortable

    3) You can keep stroking and undo-ing like me, or you can use a pen tool or equivalent. Some software like Paint tool sai have this smoothing feature that makes it easier, again I'm not really sure about manga studio, other wise, zoom out and do the long strokes C:

    4) Again, completely up to you. I'm use to drawing with my palm resting on the wacom, so I just ran with it. If its more comfortable for you to not have your palm resting then just use your elbow to control the movement instead of your wrist. In fact doing it this way may help you with long strokes as well. C:

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    I have to echo what DHB says. Do what's comfortable, if what you're doing is uncomfortable it may not be good for your hand/arm (carpal tunnel anyone?).

    As far as the heel of the hand not touching, I think that has more to do with trying to use the shoulder or elbow and not the wrist when drawing long smooth lines. I know that when I have my heel on the tablet I find myself using my wrist which lends itself to short sketchy lines.

    Working from reference is a good thing! You should keep doing that regardless of how great you become.

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