General Discussion Rules

1. No resurrecting old threads if it's a month old UNLESS you have something actually useful to say instead of some one-liner or something.

2. Similarly, do NOT necromance a thread that is asking a question or input. The original poster may have long forgotten about their thread and new input is most likely not needed.
New addition to all the other rules thread in each section:

General Discussion Rules Are Global Rules

Unless otherwise noted in this thread*, please follow the other rules in General Discussion. General Discussion rules are generally accepted as global rules.
* i.e. the rules posted in each of the section such as Critique Corner, Welcome Wagon, Chatterbox, etc.

What the panda said. ...Though anyone can technically necromance a thread even if it's not their own, just as long as they have something insightful to say and it's not a thread asking for a person's opinion. The only exception to that is in the Critique Corner because it's pointless for someone else other than the original poster (OP) to necromance a thread that hasn't been updated in awhile. The OP probably hasn't been on awhile and will not see nor know about your comment until he or she comes back and checks it out... which can be weeks to months. :|

Regarding duplicate threads>
Ah, I see that rule that Jubes made. I think that was instated because people where making threads with similar or the same topic all within the same time (i.e. within days or a couple of weeks of each other). I'll just say this: if you can't find a thread within the first three pages that is similar to what you want to talk about - go ahead and make a new thread. I'll go make that addendum to the GD rules.