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Thread: Things you'd like to do before 21/30/40

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    Things you'd like to do before 21/30/40

    What are some things you'd like to accomplish/do before your next big milestone?

    I'd like to get a degree.
    If you want a chance to have a good life, a degree really helps you towards that goal.

    Become a part of the Big Brother,Big Sister organization((is that what it's called?))
    There are kids out there who need guidance, and well, maybe there are better people for this, but maybe I'd be able to help one of those children become a good person.

    I'd like to have a book published.

    The reason for this is less flowery then the last ones, I just want to be able to say, hey, I wrote a book, and it was published.

    I'd like to sell a piece of art I made to a museum.

    The world can be pretty ugly sometimes, lot of bad things, it'd been to be able to think back to the old days when I'm old and grey, and be able to think "Well, I added a bit of good to the world."

    I'd like to record a cd and go on tour.

    Again, I just want to be able to say I did it, also, It'd be nice to be able to hold something up and say, yeah it may not be the greatest thing recorded, but I did it, I spent time writing the lyrics, composing the music, did some editing and stuff, yeah, this is mine.

    I'd like to take part in the production of a movie.

    I don't know, just seems like fun, hell, even if I were just the guy grabbing coffee for the cast and crew, it'd be okay, be an experience.

    I'd like to see more of the world.

    I've lived in a small desert town for like 17 years, man, sure, I'd get out and see other cities for a bit with the fam, but.... man, I want to see lochs and fields of Scotland. the Landscapes of New Zealand, the castles of England, expand my horizons, all in a quest to become a better, well rounded person.

    I'd like to fight in a professional Boxing Match.

    These guys train for months, just for a fight that may only last a minute and a half, the dedication and preserverance these people show, it's amazing. When they've trained so hard, and fight to the best of their ability, and win.... the feeling they must feel.... all those people applauding, the glory.... I'd like to feel that just once.

    I'll add more stuff as I think of them.
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