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Thread: Things you'd like to do before 21/30/40

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bacon_Barbarian View Post
    Living is fun, but living the good life is better.
    I bet you only know the good life.

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    There are definitely those who have both way more and way less than I do.

    EDIT: That is to say that I'm American middle class.
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    You're my favorite.

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    Well, here's to 30 in two years....

    I'd like to have a house. I'd really like to be more financially stable. And I'd really like to have started working in my field, or at least have done more traveling.

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    Hmm, things to do by 21..
    I'd like to think I'll be getting my Philosophy and Psychology degree that year.
    I'd like to be enjoying some success -even if only a little- with selling art work.
    I'd like to have enough money saved up to go travel once university is over.
    "The soul has greater need of the ideal than of the real."

    -Victor Hugo


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